The Authors

“The hardest thing in life is to let go of what you once thought was real!”
– Franky Ronaldy & Meow Ling Ng

Franky Ronaldy is an author and speaker, and the co-author of Life Sucks! published book. Franky was born in Bandung where he grew up, like so many others, in a less than ideal economic situation. He had a curiosity in tech and loved to develop applications, so and he sought his degree in Computer Science. As a young child, Franky proved to be a bright and conscientious student. He showed a sharp intelligence, and enjoyed delighting his fellow classmates. Over the course of his long career, he built a goal to share the knowledge of the purpose of life, and the drive to push the limits of understanding and life’s meaning seemed to point his life in a very specific direction.

Franky has read dozens of books, watched countless videos and conducted extensive research on the details of human behavior in addition to the business topics he covers. Striving to be able to help people around the world, and with dogged determination and in relentless pursuit of excellence, he developed a strong will and he made a successful breakthrough to pursue his dream. He has a strong belief in self-happiness and laid the foundation for his life experiences. He has written and published his first book. As a co-writer together with his wife, and both known as Best Selling Authors of Life Sucks! A book which focused on living a happy life. His book has struck a chord with a population hungry for self-improvement. These experiences have guided him to take ownership of everything that happens in life, and Franky believes happiness must come from the bottom of each person’s heart. But the most important obligation is his determination to help others overcome obstacles and regain happiness.

Franky’s life-time vision is to uncover the true meaning in life so to choose his moment and live it. With this vision, it helps him to choose his purpose in all life’s challenging and rewarding situations, to shape his life around the right decisions and directions for him.





Meow Ling Ng has dedicated her life to providing with the highest level standard of customer-focused services in the dynamic IT industries. She is a manager, advisor, motivational speaker and an author. With more than 16 years of experience, she is widely acknowledged and as an expert and mentor. She has inspired people in areas from leadership, positive mindset, teamwork, creative quality techniques, innovation in problem-solving, customer-focused service to organizational alignment.

She was born in Singapore to a poor family in which her parents, like so many, battled in the workforce in order to make enough to raise up their three children with proper meals and adequate education. As the eldest child, Meow Ling was forced to join the workforce full-time as soon as she received her diploma in IT Computer Engineering in Temasek Polytechnic.

With her positive belief and a “never be defeated!” spirit, Meow Ling made it through various setbacks in her personal life and in the corporate world, and as a result, she has experienced personal transformation. She finds herself on a wonderful life journey experiencing a happier life in every moment. Failures still come, but they no longer get in her way. She sees them instead as learning experiences that simply help her get one step nearer to her dreams. Because of her enthusiasm and positive spirit, opportunities are given to her to interact with people who deepen her understanding of others.

She has seen how some are less fortunate, and many people experience difficult events after which they feel life is meaningless. It is for them that she wrote Life Sucks! which she believes can reach them where they are and lift them up.


When Franky and Meow Ling come together!


One from Singapore and the other from Indonesia. We met on 2000 and fall in love at first sight! Started our courtship after 1 month later.


We are parents of 2 princesses. 1st born in 2005. After much learning from the parenthood, we decided to have the 2nd born in 2011. Our style: Real life learning!

Be Real!


After a year knowing each other, we decided to be together on 2001. We get married! A lifetime commitment that keep us together till today!


After much of life learning lessons, work and work, we decided to fine our real LIFE purpose! We became Authors.


Our services in these 3s


I have a Dream! I hope it will come true. Everyone has a dream in them but not many reaching out to it. Are you one of them? We take our actions.
Our compass: BELIEVE!


It is not about just giving birth, taking care of the child. In school, we don't learn the "How to?" for parenting. We can only learn from people's experiences, "try and error". Our Passion: Life-long Learning!


Multiple roles to play in life. As a child, parent, sibling, friend, colleague, student, customer, even a stranger. Our daily life is affected by relationships in one way or another. Our Action: Triple-S™ Framework is found!